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Universal Capture: Personal


Echo360 Universal Capture Personal (UCP) can help you create teaching resources from your computer that can be disseminated via Echo360 to your students/audience.

UCP allows you to combine audio and up to two other displays including camera and computer screen (i.e PowerPoint Presentation or other application) – the minimum requirement is audio.

Things to think about:

  • Keep recordings short – ideally under 10 minutes to keep the size down for audience members on poorer internet connections
  • Plan your recording before you start – have you got all the resources together? Do you know what you want to say and how to say it?


How to install UCP

  1. Go to and log in with your University of Otago email address – if this step fails please contact to discuss sorting your access out.
  2. Select University of Otago from the Choose institution
  3. Sign in with your University of Otago username and password.
  4. Click the cog in the top right hand corner and select Downloads from the menu.
  5. Select the Mac or Windows version of Universal Capture: Personal to download.
  6. Install Universal Capture: Personal on your computer (if the install doesn’t start immediately the file is probably in your Downloads folder – just click it to open).
  7. Once installed open Echo360 Capture.
  8. You’ll be shown a screen asking you to log in – click the icon to log in (this will open your browser).
  9. Log in with your University of Otago username and password (you’ll see a photo of the University clocktower on the screen).
  10. Next you may see a message asking to open Echo360 Capture – approve this.
  11. You’ll now see Echo360 opened – and some choices available for what to record. The middle is your microphone, to either side you can select your input from the drop down – usually webcam and your screen. You may need to update your system permissions to allow your microphone, webcam and/or screen to be recorded.
  12. To the top of the screen click Edit capture details – use this area to give your recording a title, description, any tags you may want and select where the recording is published to (use your Library – if you want to review and edit your recording before anyone sees it).
  13. Once you are all set up click the large red Record button in the centre of the screen – you will get a 5 second count down before the recording starts (Echo360 Capture will minimise while the recording is happening).
  14. Stop or Pause the recording as required – once you stop the recording Echo360 will publish it to wherever you set in step 12.
  15. Echo360 Capture will show you a success message when your recording is uploaded – this includes a Click to view. Use this link to view your recording – this will open in your web browser (
  16. From this page you can edit the recording and choose which section (module/course) to publish the recording to (see instructions about publishing in the Resources section at the top of this page).

Naming Conventions

To make life easier for everyone having a sensible naming technique for your recordings is critical. The naming convention used within ELM (Early Learning in Medicine) is: YYYYMMDD_Module_Surname_Topic i.e 20200221_ClinPharm_Smith_Neurotransmitters

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