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Questionnaires are a useful way to survey your students. You can ask a variety of question types and view reports online or download data to a spreadsheet for analysing.


How to create a Questionnaire

  1. Log into Moodle.
  2. Navigate to the course and section where you’ll be adding the Questionnaire.
  3. Make sure editing is turned on and click the Add an activity or resource link in the bottom right hand corner of the section.
  4. Select Questionnaire from the list and click Add.
  5. Give the Questionnaire a name and any other settings that apply:
    1. Timing – you can use these settings to limit access to the questionnaire. The questionnaire will always be visible but if outside of the open and close dates students will not be able to make contributions and will be told the questionnaire is closed.
    2. Response options – you can use these settings to make the questionnaire anonymous or allow students to make multiple responses. You can also allow branching questions here, meaning questions would be tailored to earlier responses. Very important to look at the setting for Students can view ALL responses – if you don’t want students to view all of the responses to a questionnaire make sure this is set to After the questionnaire is closed and that you don’t have a Close date set in the Timing section (from above).
    3. Content options – you can choose to copy an exisiting questionnaire with these options.
    4. Common module settings – use these settings to show or hide the questionnaire, as well as deciding if you need to view the results by groups (use Separate Groups if you want to see how each group of students responded). Use groupings if you want to limit the results to a certain set of groups – say only EPE groups.
    5. Restrict access – use these settings to restrict access to the questionnaire based on a rule or set of rules. These rules can be based on activity completion, date, grades, or a setting in the user profile. This is useful if you want the questionnaire to only be shown after a certain time.
  6. Click Save.

How to add questions to a Questionnaire

  1. Log into Moodle.
  2. Navigate to the questionnaire within your course and click on it.
  3. From the Questionnaire administration panel (usually a grey panel to the right hand side of the page) select Questions.
  4. Select a question type from the drop down menu and click Add selected question type.
    1. Page Break – creates a page break, questions following this will be presented to students on a new page.
    2. Check Boxes – use this for multi choice questions (can select more than one answer).
    3. Date – use this for answers in date format (dd/mm/yyyy).
    4. Dropdown Box – use for answers with a dropdown menu (only one answer is possible).
    5. Essay Box – use for long text answers.
    6. Label – creates a label area in the questionnaire with no associated question. Useful for providing sections to a questionnaire.
    7. Numeric – for numerical answers.
    8. Radio Buttons – for multi choice questions (only once answer is possible)
    9. Rate (scale 1…5) – rate a list of choices against a scale.
    10. Text Box – use for short text based answer (one line).
    11. Yes/No – use for questions that are answered with a yes or no.

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