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You can use quizzes to evaluate student knowledge about a topic at the conclusion of a module, or to ascertain basic student understanding before embarking on a new topic.


Video Tutorial: Adding a quiz (and questions)

Creating a quiz

  1. Login to Moodle.
  2. Navigate to where you’d like the quiz to appear.
  3. Make sure editing is turned on.
  4. Click Add an activity of resource.
  5. Select Quiz and click Add.
  6. Give the Quiz a name and any other settings that apply:
    1. Timing – use these settings if you want to limit when students are able to start or take a quiz. Also useful if you want to put a time limit on how long students have to take a quiz.
    2. Grade – use these settings to set a pass mark, number of attempts allowed and which grade to display in the Grade Book (highest, most recent attempt etc).
    3. Layout – use this setting to set how many questions appear on each page.
    4. Question behaviour – use these settings to set when feedback appears and if the answers are shuffled or not.
    5. Review options – use these settings to decide what feedback and grades are given when (during the attempt, after the attempt, when the quiz closes).
    6. Appearance – use to set the number of decimal places in grades.
    7. Extra restrictions on attempts – use to force a password for the quiz or time delays between attempts.
    8. Overall feedback – use these settings to give feedback for defined grade boundaries.
    9. Common module settings – use these settings to show or hide the assignment, as well as deciding if you need to view the results by groups. Use groupings if you want to limit the submissions to a certain set of groups – say only EPE groups.
    10. Restrict access – use these settings to restrict access to the quiz based on a rule or set of rules. These rules can be based on activity completion, date, grades, or a setting in the user profile. This is useful if you want the quiz to only be shown after a certain time.
  7. Click Save and display.
  8. Click Edit quiz.
  9. Click Add to add a question to the quiz.
  10. Select a new question (to create a brand new question) or from question bank or a random question to reuse exisiting questions.
  11. Select a question type and click Add.
  12. Fill in the required details and click Save changes.If you are adding a new question, be careful to save the question to the correct category to make it easier to work with later.
  13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until all your questions are complete.

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