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How to View a Turnitin Similarity Report


Turnitin provides similarity reports to aid with academic integrity. These reports can be viewed in a variety of different ways based on their setup.


How to view an Assignment Similarity Report

  1. Log in to Moodle and navigate to the Assignment in question.
  2. Click on the Assignment as you would to grade it.
  3. Click Grade.
  4. If a submission has been made you will see a Turnitin ID and a similarity score in the right hand panel. If you don’t see a score the report is still pending.
  5. Click on the score to view the Turnitin Similarity Report – this will load in a new tab.
  6. The report offers a number of features:
    1. Match Overview – this shows you the various matches and sources throughout the submission.
    2. All sources – this shows you all the sources and allows you to highlight the portions of the submission that match those sources. Here you can exclude sources if required.
    3. Filter and Settings – here you can exclude bibliographies and quotes if required
    4. Excluded sources – here you will see a list of sources excluded from the report.
    5. Download – here you can download the current view, digital receipt or the originally submitted file.
    6. Info – contains information about the submission.
  7. Close the tab when you’re finished.

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