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Course Reports


Course reports are a useful tool to show you what’s going on in your course. You can use them to help you judge if an activity or content item has been used as you expected or if it needs improving.


How to access Course Reports

  1. Login to Moodle and navigate to the course you’re interested in.
  2. Click Reports from the Course Administration block (grey bar to the right hand side of the screen).
  3. There are multiple options in this list that offer a variety of results:
    • Logs – allows you to see who has done what in your course and when.
    • Live logs – allows you to view logs in real time
    • Activity report – shows the number of views per activity and resource.
    • Course participation – shows who has participated in an activity and how many times.
    • Activity completion – shows who has completed various activities.
    • Group photos – shows photos of all group members. Has a learning mode to help you learn everyone’s names.
    • Statistics – shows the number of hits your course has received in a given time frame.

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