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Student View


Often it is useful to be able to view your course as a student and make sure everything functions as expected. If you’re just wanting to have a quick look you can follow the instructions below, but if you’re wanting to test assignment submission and grading we recommend talking to an eLearning Facilitator about setting up a demo student account to use with the instructions.

How to log in as a student

This functionality isn’t available to all user roles – you may need to ask someone with a higher role than you.

  1. Login to Moodle and navigate to your course.
  2. Click Administration > Course Administration > Users > Enrolled users from the Administration block (usually in the grey bar to the right-hand side of the page).
  3. Find a local student and click on their profile image (if you have a demo student account click on it’s profile image instead).
  4. From the Administration section click Log in as – this means you effectively become the student.
  5. Across the top of the screen is a banner reminding you who you’re logged in as – make sure you click Log out when you’re finished.

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