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Tagging Moodle Resources for the Curriculum Map


By tagging resources within Moodle, the curriculum map will automatically display this link on the appropriate Core Element, such as Core Presentations, Core Professional Activities and Core Conditions.
The resource sits within Moodle, so will only be accessible by medical students and staff. But you can see the link without a login. You can tag anything within Moodle, from PDFs, to quizzes, to wikis and glossaries.
You should tag resources you want to share with our modules, or students from the other campuses. So generally if it is a ‘definitive resource’. Or is a major component of that resource or activity.

How to Tag

  1. Turn Editing On (Top right of moodle page, assuming you have editing permission)
  2. Find your resource.
  3. Edit > Edit Settings
  4. Scroll down to Tags
  5. Start typing, and the appropriate core element will auto-complete
  6. Click Enter.
  7. Click Save.

Then check the page in the curriculum map and the link will automagically appear.

You can watch the ‘How to’ video via this link.