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Adding Anti-Plagiarism (Turnitin) Checking


Anti-Plagiarism checking provided by Turnitin can be added to several activities within Moodle: assignments, forums and workshops. In order to adhere to the University’s policy around students viewing


University Policy on Using Anti-Plagiarism Tools

Taken from the University of Otago Blackboard helpsite.

It is up to individual lecturers to decide whether or not to give students the option to submit and view a draft Similarity Report so they can review their work, though the University recommends allowing students to submit a draft. Upon making a final submission to be assessed students should not be able to see the Similarity report.

Setting up a draft Turnitin Submission area

  1. Log in to Moodle and navigate to your course.
  2. Make sure editing is turned on (Turn editing on – piece of paper with pen icon in the top left hand corner).
  3. Go to the section where you will be adding your draft submission area (usually Assessment).
  4. Click + Add an activity of resource at the bottom of that section.
  5. Select Turnitin Assignment 2 from the list and click Add.
  6. Give the submission area a name.
  7. The following settings need to be set:
    1. Number of parts – ff you’re wanting to use the same submission area for multiple assignments (up to 5) set the number of parts to the number of assignments (i.e Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3).
    2. Display Originality Reports to Students – Yes
    3. Grade > Type – None
    4. Assignment Part # > Name – give the assignment part a name, especially useful if you’re using each part for a different assignment draft area. Suggest ‘Assignment # – Draft’.
    5. Originality Report Options > Report Generation Speed – Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit)
    6. Originality Report Options > Store Student Papers – No Repository
  8. Click Save and return to course.

Adding Turnitin to an Assignment

These instructions do not cover how to set up an assignment from scratch – see the Assignments page for those instructions.

  1. Log in to Moodle and navigate to your existing Assignment activity.
  2. Make sure editing is turned on (Turn editing on – piece of paper with pen icon in the top left hand corner).
  3. Click Edit > Edit settings to the right of your assignment.
  4. Scroll down until you find Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings and expand.
  5. You will need to set the following settings:
    1. Enable Turnitin – yes
    2. Display Originality Reports to Students – No
    3. Store Student Papers – Institutional Repository . If the assignment contains sensitive information that should not be stored outside of the University of Otago select No – this does however mean that future assignments will not use it as a potential match.
  6. Click Save and return to course.

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