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User Roles


Users can have different roles in different Moodle courses. Usually staff are given a Teaching Staff, Editor, Convenor, or Administrator role. Staff not teaching within a module/course can self-enrol, but will have limited permissions as below. There are also roles for students, Student or Guest student, and many other roles for specific use cases. As a general rule we suggest giving staff the lowest level of access they need.


What do the roles do?

  • Administrator – Administrators can access courses and modify them, they usually do not participate in courses. They can add individual members to the course in all roles. Administrators can view and edit student grades.
  • Convenor – The convener has full editing access to the course page. this role should only be given to the actual convener/s of the module. The role can view and edit student grades.
  • Editor – Like the Convener, Editors can do anything within a course, including changing the activities and grading students. They do not show up as a separate heading in the People block. They can view and edit student grades.
  • Teaching Staff – Teaching Staff teach in courses and grade students, but may not alter activities. Teaching Staff can view the gradebook.
  • Marker – Markers can view course and mark assignments and activities. They cannot edit the course and they cannot view gradebook.
  • Staff – Staff do not ‘teach’ in the course but can view visible course material. They cannot see student submitted material such as assignments and forum posts and cannot view the gradebook.
  • Student – Students generally have fewer privileges within a course. This role is for students added to their current year and campus.
  • Guest Student – Guest Students have limited access within a course. This role is for students enrolled in courses outside their own year modules or campus

Below is a basic table of capabilities for the main staff roles – this table is not exhaustive.

Teaching Staff Editor Convenor Administrator Staff Student
Access a course  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 View hidden content  Y  Y  Y  Y  N  N
 View Grade Book  Y  Y Y Y N  N
 View Survey Responses  Y  Y  Y Y N  N
 View Assignment submissions Y  Y  Y Y N  N
 Grade Assignments  Y  Y  Y Y N  N
 Create a Quiz  N  Y Y Y N  N

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