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Every user in Moodle has a profile page – this page can tell you what courses they’re in, their interests and how to contact them.


How to edit your profile

  1. Login to Moodle.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen you should see a message saying ‘You are logged in as [Your Name]’. Click on your name to be taken to your profile page.
  3. Under User Details click Edit profile.
  4. Customise your settings:
    • User Picture – Adding a photo of yourself to your profile is a good way for you and your students to get to know each other, as well as other tutors. Click on ‘User Picture’ to open the panel and ‘drag & drop’ your photo from your computer onto the drop zone indicated by the arrow.
    • Email display – If you do not want students to know your email address, the option ‘Hide my email address from everyone’ hides your address from students, but teaching staff and staff with editing access will be able to see your email address.
    • Reduce Forum emails – Review the settings in the Email digest type: this setting alters how many emails you receive each day from each forum you’re subscribed to. ‘No Digest’ means every time anyone posts you’ll get an email. ‘Complete’ means you’ll get one email a day from each forum and that email will have the whole of the post included. ‘Subjects’ means you’ll get one email a day from each forum and it will contain only the subject of the posts.
    • Forum tracking – Forum tracking: the option ‘Yes: highlight new posts for me’ should improve your forum navigation by highlighting to you just the posts that you haven’t as yet read.
    • Interests and Optional – You may like to add other details (interests, phone numbers etc) to make it easier for students/staff to contact you, or to share what your passions are.
  5. Click Update profile.

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