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Scheduler allows you to schedule appointments for students – this could be with yourself as the teacher or for course activities like site visits. You specify the possible appointment time slots and students book themselves in.


How to create a Scheduler

  1. Login to Moodle and navigate to the course where the Scheduler will appear.
  2. Make sure editing is turned on (Turn editing on – piece of paper with pen icon in the top left hand corner).
  3. Find the section you’d like the Scheduler to appear in and click Add an activity or resource.
  4. Select Scheduler from the list and click Add.
  5. Give the Scheduler a name and decide on any other of the settings required – these include allowing bookings in groups, or more than one booking per student, default booking duration.
  6. Click Save and display when finished.
  7. Click Add slots and select Add repeated slots or Add single slot.
  8. Select all the settings necessary and click Save changes.
  9. Continue to add slots until all time slots are in your scheduler.

How to view bookings in Scheduler

  1. Click on the link to the Scheduler.
  2. All slots with a booking will appear in the My appointments tab. Switching between tabs at the top of the screen will allow you to Export (download) all the bookings to a spreadsheet.