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Known Issues


Here’s a list of issues which are currently affecting MedMoodle and HSMoodle.

Current Issues

Font-Awesome Navigation Icons

Following the upgrade in January 2020 you may notice that some of your navigation bar icons are not showing up – we’re aware of the issue and are working towards a solution.

22 January 2020


Following the upgrade in January 2020 you will have noticed that the previous MedMoodle course navigation drawer is now missing. We have set up an interim navigation solution until we are able to release our new and improved system in the coming weeks.

22 January 2020

Resolved Issues

Student At Risk Emails

The latest version of Moodle turns on a new analytics feature by default – before we had found this setting the system had managed to send ‘student at risk emails’ to staff members relating to courses long complete. We have switched off feature now, but the key message is no action is required on your part.

22 January 2020