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External Graders


There are times when it is necessary to have external graders in your course whilst having their access to content limited to only the assessment they’re required to grade.


Access via Assigned Roles

This technique is useful if you have a small number of graders and small number of assessment items. To begin make sure the external graders are given the role of Guest user in your course – you may need to contact your eLearning Facilitator to get this done.

  1. Login to Moodle and navigate to your course.
  2. Make sure editing is turned on (Turn editing on – piece of paper with pen icon in the top left hand corner).
  3. Locate the assessment you want your external grader/s to have access to and click Edit (to the right of the assessment name) and select Assign roles.
  4. Click on the Staff role.
  5. Find your external grader in the Potential users list and add them to the Existing users.
  6. Click Back to the list of all roles at the bottom of the page when you’re finished.
  7. You should now see your external grader’s name in the Users with role column for Staff.

If this method doesn’t fit your needs, contact your eLearning Facilitator to discuss.

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