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Messaging is a system of communication within Moodle (much like Facebook chat) – it is not the same as email. If a user is online they will get a popup message and if they’re offline they will receive notification when they’re next online. Messages won’t appear in your email inbox and you must be logged in to Moodle to reply to any messages you receive.


Video Tutorial

How to view a message

If you have a new message you’ll see it highlighted by a red box with a number in it above the speech bubble icon next to your name in the top right hand corner of Moodle when you’re logged in.

Clicking on the speech bubble icon will display all your messages.

How to send a message

You can send a message from many different locations.

  1. By clicking the speech bubble icon in the top right hand corner of the page followed by New Message.
  2. By clicking the Messages link in the user menu.
  3. By clicking on a user’s name/photo.

When sending a message the textbox will lengthen to suit the size of your message. Be careful pressing Enter will send your message rather than starting a new line – use Shift + Enter to start a new line.

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