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How to create and apply a grading rubric

  1. Login to Moodle and navigate to the assignment you are going to grade with a rubric.
  2. Edit the settings of the assignment and make sure the Grading method in the Grade section is set to Rubric.
  3. From the Administration panel (usually on the right hand side of the screen) select Assignment administration > Advanced grading.
  4. You now have two options:
    1. Create new grading form from a template – use this if you’ve already created a rubric that you want to reuse or modify slightly. Follow the instructions to pick an existing rubric.
    2. Define new grading form from scratch – use this to create your rubric. This is the option we’ll continue with.
  5. Give your rubric a name and set up your criteria and levels of achievement. You can add new rows and columns by clicking the Add level (column) or Add criterion (row) buttons.
  6. Apply any of the Rubric options that you require.
  7. Click Save rubric and make it ready when you’re finished.
  8. You can choose to store the rubric for future reuse by clicking Publish the form as a new template or edit the rubric if needed.

How to grade with a rubric

  1. Start grading as you would normally (instructions below in Related Pages).
  2. Your rubric will appear in the Grade panel above the feedback sections. Using the 4-pointer arrow in the top right hand corner of the rubric you can expand this panel.
  3. Select the level for each criterion in the rubric by clicking on it (it should turn green) – you can also add comments for each criterion in the comments section at the right of each row.
  4. Finish grading as usual.

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