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Homepage – Instructors

You will be taken directly to the Homepage if you login via If you access Echo360 via the links within a Blackboard or Moodle paper, you will be taken directly to your paper’s course page.

You can also access the Homepage from a course page by clicking on the echo360 icon in the top right corner of the page.

To navigate around Echo360 use the Top Menu options. For most users, there are three options:

  • Library – your media library, all of the content you have access to
  • Courses – lists all of the courses you are enrolled in
  • Groups – access any groups you are a member of



For more Getting Started Materials for Instructors please see here.

In your Library, each media tile provides a thumbnail preview of the media. Hover over a tile to view a Menu button to access commands e.g Share; Edit Media or more actions.

Clicking on a media tile opens the Media Details page. The top section of the media details page allows you to play the video or view the Video View Heatmap.

The section under the video gives access to commands such as Edit Media; Download; Share. The Info tab for the media is also accessible with the ability to view Details tab, Activity tab and Analytics tab.

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