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Otago Capture


Echo360 is the lecture recording hardware (which is installed in selected Dunedin lecture theatres), cloud storage and software that allows staff and students to view recordings of teaching and special events.

Echo360 is connected directly to the projector in the room, and will record whatever is displayed by the projector, regardless of whether the source is from an external laptop*, the lecture theatre computer, or another device (e.g. document camera). If both projectors are turned on then it will only record projector 2.

Echo360 also records whatever is going through the sound system, so it is very important to either wear your lapel mic, or use the hand held microphone.

Live Streaming of the lectures is also available.

If you have arranged for your lecture or event to be filmed by the Media Production Unit, then you also have the option of recording the video, as well. In this case, the video will be displayed alongside the projector output in the final recording.

For more information, please see the What’s Being Recorded? and In the Lecture Theatre articles.



The theatre locations with Echo360’s recording capability can be found at Echo360 Locations.

Using Echo360 in other locations

ITS manages the Echo360 devices and Universal Capture: Classroom in the pool rooms. However, it is possible to install Universal Capture: Personal  in department rooms, such as lecture theatres or seminar rooms which are managed by your department or Division. If you would like to discuss this option please contact AskOtago ( to be put in touch with the Desktop Support team.


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