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Mobile Apps


The Echo360 App provides both Otago Capture video and presentation viewing on your mobile device.

You’ll be able to view your courses, classes, video and presentation materials, post discussion and questions, mark items as confusing, and if you instructor has made available, download videos for offline viewing.


Getting the App

The Android app is supported on Android 4.1 and higher. It is available from the Google Play store:

The iOS app is supported on iOS 9.1 or later. It is available from the iTunes App store:


Limitations of the App

The mobile apps are not designed to replace the full capabilities of Echo360 as provided through a browser.

  • Live Streaming is not possible through the Echo360 Mobile App, but is available by accessing Otago Capture through the browser on your mobile device.

For more detailed information on using the mobile app, please see the Echo360 Quick Guide to the Mobile App.


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