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Q&A and Discussions


Each course has it’s own Q&A/Discussion area. The Q&A/Discussion area allows students to ask or respond to questions about a class. Instructors can also view and ask questions.

*Note: Q&A/Discussion area may be turned off by your instructor. If you cannot see this section, please check with your instructor.

From the Classroom Player

Within the Classroom Player, you can access the posts made for that particular class (video and/or slide) by choosing the speech bubble icon. This will open up the Discussion Panel to the right of the player.

From the Class List

From the Class list page, you can access a class's Q&As by clicking the speech bubble icon. If the number is in a red box, there are new posts you have not read. Clicking on this icon will take you to the posts associated specifically with that lecture in the Q&A tab.

You can also get to this area, by clicking the tab labeled Q&A in the top right menu bar. When you select the Q&A tab, by default, the questions shown are those associated with the class presentation you most recently viewed.

From the Dashboard

From the Dashboard, clicking on the number of new (unread) questions for a Course will also take you to the Q&A tab. From the Dashboard you can also see how many posts you have made or responded to.
Q&A and Discussion posts can be added before (if a presentation is uploaded before class), during, or after class.

From the Classroom Player

To view posts already made, choose the speech-bubble icon from the classroom tool icons on the top-right of the screen. This will open the Discussion panel. You will see a list of posts that have already been made and the option to add a new post.
Posts with a red dot next to the date added indicate an unread question.

Replying to a post

From this panel, you will also be able to reply, endorse, or bookmark others' posts. To respond to a post, click on the post, then click the Respond to this Question button at the bottom of the panel. Write your reply in the area provided, and click the Post button.


Add a New Question

To add a new question, choose the New Question button at the top of the panel. You’ll be given the option to add an attachment, reference class content (slide or video depending on what is available), or post anonymously.
*Note: The 'Post anonymous" option is only anonymous to your fellow students. The instructor will be able to see who authored the post.

*Note: All posts are visible to others in the course.

From the Q&A section of your Study Guide

From the Q&A tab, posting a new question or responding to a previous question, is the same as using the Discussion Panel in the Classroom Viewer.

Unlike the Classroom Viewer, when posting a new question using the Q&A tab you will be given the option to select which class you want the question posted in. If you want the question to be posted in the General Questions section, do not select a class from the dropdown.

You will not be given the option to assign a reference slide or video time stamp to any new posts made in the Q&A tab.

From the Q&A tab, you can view, edit, or post Q&A entries for each class, All Questions posted during the course, or General Questions posted for the class. General questions are those that were posted without identifying a particular class.

Use the list at top-left to select which set of questions you would like to view.

From here you can also search posts to filter for particular terms and sort by newest or oldest post.

From the Q&A tab or Classroom View Discussion Panel You can edit or delete any question or reply post you have made. You can only edit or delete your own posts.

*Note: Instructors can delete any posts in their classes.
*Note: You cannot edit any posts made during a live stream; you can only delete them.

Edit/Delete a post in the Classroom Player:

  1. From the Classroom Player, choose the Discussion Panel Icon () to open the Discussion Panel on the right-hand side.
  2. Find the post you want to edit/delete.
  3. Hover over the post, and click the down arrow (chevron) that appears on the top-right of the post.
  4. Choose Edit or Download. If you choose Edit, make your changes, then click Save.

Edit/Delete a post in the Q&A Tab::

  1. From the Q&A tab, use the drop down to find the class the post you want to edit/delete was made in.
  2. Hover over the post, and click the down arrow (chevron) that appears in the top-right of the post.
  3. Choose Edit or Download. If you choose Edit, make your changes, then click Save.

Other actions you can take when viewing or making a post:

  • Sort posts
  • Bookmark posts
  • Endorse posts
  • Add attachments
  • Post anonymously (*this is not anonymous to instructors)
  • Search questions
  • Filter questions
  • Ask general questions, not attached to a class

For more detailed information on participating in classroom Discussions, please see this Echo360 support article.

For more detailed information on Viewing and Posting Q&As during class, please see this Echo360 support article.


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