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Embedding Media

You can embed an Echo (recording) in a website, such as a blog or a Blackboard content area. All you need is the “Embed Code” which you can find when adding public links.

You can set the embedded code can be set to autostart and automute. You can also choose the size of the embedded video.


Embedding in Blackboard

To embed an Echo in Blackboard all you need to do is:Go to the “Content Area” you wish to embed the Echo in. Click on the contextual drop down menu for that “Content item” and choose “Edit”

Blackboard contextual Menu

  1. In the text editor choose the “HTML” option; this will open a new window.Content area HTML
  2. In the new window copy in the Embed Code you got earlier, and click on “Update”Html Code View from Blackboard
  3. You should see a large Yellow box inside the Text Editor now. Click “Submit” to save the Content area and your video will be embedded on Blackboard



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