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Upcoming Features

Otago Capture is provided by Echo360. Their software roadmap includes a range of features that are scheduled to be released periodically.

Upcoming Features

These include:

  • The ability to add multiple videos to a class.
  • Synchronising the student view of a presentation to the slide a presenter is on.
  • The ability to search metadata tags and descriptions of classroom items.
  • Bulk assignment of content ownership.
  • The ability to share a video to those logged into Otago Capture but not within a specific course.
  • HTTPS Live Streaming – No flash plugin required
  • Enhanced video editor – simpler interface/drag’n’drop and the ability to edit together multiple videos
  • New interface for CCAP and PCAP
  • Video views via heatmaps
  • Student assignment submissions
  • Toolbar to embed videos directly in Blackboard and Moodle
  • Groups – natural confluence rather than rigid Course/Paper enrolment


Release Notes

Echo360 provides release notes that are updated every two weeks. You can read these releases here. Or you can sign-up to our the Otago Capture mailing list, which sends out notifications and a summary when updates are made to the system:

Email address


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