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Zoom Recordings on Capture


Zoom is the University of Otago’s officially supported web-conferencing solution. Staff who are using Zoom web-conferencing can use Otago Capture to make their Zoom recordings available to students.


Complete your recording

If you are using the eConferencing audio-visual suites in the Information Services Building,  ask the eConferencing specialists to supply the file for you to  upload your recording to your Otago Capture Section or your personal Library area.

If you are using Zoom on your computer, you will need to take the following steps in order to make your recordings available to students.

  1. Request a Capture Section
  2. Set the Zoom software to record
  3. Use Zoom for your web-conference
  4. Locate the recorded media files
  5. Upload the recorded media files to Otago Capture


Locate the recording

  • The recorded files should be found on your local machine in the Documents Folder, in a folder called Zoom. The media files are a .mp4 (video) file or a .m4a (audio only). If they are not you can find where the software has stored these files by going into Zoom, choose Settings -> Store my Recordings At
  • You should see folder with the date the meeting took place, your name and some numbers.
  • Inside this folder will be:
    • audio-only .m4a file
    • playback .m3u file – this is a playlist file and is not an uploadable audio or video file.
    • zoom_0 video file.  If you’ve recorded more than once in a meeting, you’ll have more than one, each with a different number on the end.


The following video shows locating a Zoom recording on a Mac computer, creating a new class row in an Otago Capture paper, and uploading the Zoom video into that class row.


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