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Recording Options

There are three ways of recording events and presentations, and the capabilities of each option is described below in the table.

  • Otago Capture is the hardware devices installed in most larger lecture theatres in Dunedin. It is also the cloud software provided by Echo360 to view and manage recordings.
  • Classroom Capture is a software version suitable for smaller venues.
  • Universal Capture Personal (formerly “Personal Capture”) is a software that can be installed on to staff members’ own desktops and laptops.


Classroom Capture Personal Capture
Location Selected Lecture Theatres Selected Lecture Theatres and Tutorial rooms Anywhere
What’s recorded Whatever is displayed on the Projector (if there is ONE projector on).


Whatever’s displayed on Projector 2 (if more than one projector is on)

Whatever is displayed on the Windows computer. Whatever is displayed on the Lecturer’s own computer (including webcam option).
Live Events Yes No No
Schedule Yes Yes No
Ad Hoc Recording Yes Yes No