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About Otago Capture

Otago Capture is the lecture recording system installed in selected Dunedin lecture theatres and seminar rooms.  It uses Echo360 devices and software to record lectures and events, and may also live stream in some locations.  The recordings will be available to students through Blackboard, MedMoodle or HSMoodle.

To use Otago Capture for your course, lecture series or for a one off event, you must first create a storage area for your recordings using the Otago Capture Administration Application (OCAA).  In addition you may also choose to schedule the recording of your lectures.

Otago Capture Administration App (OCAA) – Staff

  • request a section (storage area) for your recordings
  • schedule the recording of your lectures
  • link your recordings to your Blackboard or Moodle paper
  • change access options, and add/remove staff
  • if you need help, please refer to the Capture Administration Application Help
  • Login to OCAA

Otago Capture Server – Staff

Learning Management Systems – Students