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The library is a repository for all of your  owned content, whether or not it is currently published to a class or is available to students. It also contains any content that has been shared directly with you.

If you are the owner of a section, all videos recorded in this section through scheduled recordings are listed with you as owner, and are available in your library.  If you delete a video from a course in the class list, it will remain in your library, but if you delete a video from your library, it will be deleted from every course it is published into. From your library, you can publish a video to multiple courses.

**NOTE: Deleting any media in the “My Content” are of your Library is permanent; you cannot recover the media.

**NOTE: Deleting any media in the “My Content” are of your Library that is published to a section, will delete it from that section, and all student notes, bookmarks, and questions associated it with.


For more detailed information on the Library, please check out Echo360’s support documentation:


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