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Live Streaming for Students


Some courses may live stream their lectures so students can view in real-time at a distance.  During a live stream, all Classroom Tools related to bookmarks, Q&A, and notes will be available to you.

Accessing the Live Lecture

To access a Live Stream, go to the course in Otago Capture. In the classroom list find the class that is scheduled to be live streamed and click on it.


To find which class is being live streamed look at the icons next to the title of the lecture.

 A green Live icon indicates a class is currently being live streamed.

 A grey Live icon indicates a class is not currently being live streamed but will in future.

 A green dot icon indicates a class is being recorded for future viewing.


Watching a Live Stream

When you choose a class that is live streaming, you will be taken to the Classroom Player. You may see an icon that says Live Stream Starts in and a countdown.

Once this countdown has finished, the icon will change to Show Live Stream. Click this icon to begin the stream.



Live Streaming is currently Flash Based. If using a Windows PC to view live streams you will need to have the latest Adobe Flash installed and allowing to access it. In addition, cookies will need to be enabled for your browser.

Errors you may see indicating you need to enable Flash or allow access:

Errors you may see indicating you need to enable browser cookies.



  • You cannot fast forward, rewind or pause during a live stream.
  • Bookmarks, notes, and Q&A posts will not be time stamped if created during a live stream.
  • Live Streaming is not currently supported on Android devices through the Browser.
  • Live Streaming is not currently supported on Android or iOS devices through the Echo360 Mobile App.
  • Live Streaming through a browser on iOS buffers 40 seconds of the stream. This means your viewing will be about 40 seconds behind the real-time action and the stream will start about a minute after the beginning of the lecture.


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