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Building Your Site

WordPress Logo.The Otago Blogs system is built on WordPress, a popular open source blogging solution. This means it is very easy to quickly set up a blog site and get blogging.

Using the information on this site should help you get started with Otago Blogs, but there are lots of other useful resources for WordPress available as well.

  • Posts – these are single entries in your site (like a journal entry)
  • Pages – these are static pages within your site
  • Themes and Widgets – these help change the look and structure of your site
  • Menus – add some navigation to your site with a menu
  • Settings and Tools – change the site title and other settings
  • Media Library – add media to your site (images, videos, audio clips)
    • Images – add images and learn how to manipulate them
  • Media Embedding – adding video and audio players to your site
  • Comments – get readers providing feedback and discussion on your posts and pages