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Top Ten Tips

  1. Guest bloggers – get a celebrity from your niche topic to write a short post.
  2. Format text nicely – quotes, bullet points etc.
  3. Write about topics that need attention in your niche – i.e. if people are always asking the same question in forums – answer it.
  4. Work with your stats – if people really enjoy reading a particular post, write another one like it
  5. Follow expectations – if you post twice a day readers come to expect this you must keep it up.
  6. Keep your blogroll up to date (links to other blogs you read)
  7. Promote your blog outside of your blog – i.e. add the URL to your email signature.
  8. Allow readers to share and follow your blog on Social media
  9. Use categories and tags effectively.
  10. Use photos/images in your posts.