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Settings and Tools

What settings can I change?

Otago Blogs allows you to change many settings of your blog site including:

  • blog title and description
  • your front page – can be your posts or a page of your choice
  • number of blog posts to show at one time
  • discussion settings – including turning comments on and off
  • privacy level of your blog – public or private?
  • Google Analytics – monitor the usage statistics of your blog

What do the tools do?

Otago Blogs allows you to Import and Export your blog – you can use this to make a backup of your blog, or import a blog from another system.

Where do I change the privacy of my site?

You can change the privacy settings by going to Settings and then Reading. Down the bottom of that page you will see Site Visibility where you can change who should see your site. The options available are:

  • Allow search engines to index this site – this is public
  • Discourage search engines from indexing this site – this is public
  • I would like my blog to be visible only to registered users of Blogging: University of Otago registered users I add to my site – this is private
  • I would like my site to be visible only to Admins. – this is private