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Turnitin Direct for Students

Turnitin Assignments Updated

As of March 2023, Turnitin LTI Assignments have replaced Turnitin Direct Assignments. Please now use the link below for help with Turnitin:

Student Help with Turnitin LTI Assignments


Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism tool used at the University of Otago. Once an assignment is set up by teaching staff students will be able to submit course work and assignments for checking against a global database of internet sources, publication databases and a global repository of previously submitted assignments by other students. It is very strongly recommended that Students be given the option of submitting a draft submission and viewing the report before making a final submission.

Submitting an Assignment to Turnitin

Your teaching staff will need to set up a Turnitin Assignment before you can make a submission.

  1. Open up the Content Area in Blackboard where the assignment is located
  2. Click View Assignment
  3. Click Submit to upload your file submission
  4. Complete the form remembering to agree to the Notice stating this is your own work
TurnItIn icon

Turnitin Icon as appears in Blackboard

After Submission

You will receive a confirmation of submission which can be used to follow up your assignment if required. The file will be processed by Turnitin and a Similarity Report generated..

If this is a draft submission you will be able to see the report and similarity score in the Assignment Inbox.

TurnItIn Submission Inbox

Student view of the Submission Inbox in Tunitin

When viewing a report you will be able to see the sources that have been matched against.

Downloading the report with feedback

  1. Go to your assignment in Blackboard
  2. Select the Blue Grade given to open the Feedback Studio
  3. Ensure that Grades layer is selected on the right panel
  4. Click the download icon on the right panel
  5. Select Current View
  6. A pop-up window opens and prompts you to Open or Save your file.


Further Information