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About Blackboard

Diagram showing all features of BlackboardBlackboard is the learning management system used at the University of Otago. It allows lecturers/tutors to upload lecture notes, reading lists, assessment information and other course-related material to their Blackboard site so that students may access them. It also contains functions that enables students and teachers to interact via class announcements, email, discussion boards, and tools used for assessing students, such as on-line tests and assignment submission.

To sign-up for a Blackboard paper see the ITS website.

SafeAssign has changed after the upgrade of 6 & 7 December 2014.

  • SafeAssignments which were created before the upgrade will still work. We’re calling these “Legacy SafeAssignments” and you can see instructions for these on the Legacy SafeAssignments page.
  • If you want to create new SafeAssignments, you will need to create an “Assignment” and then enable SafeAssign for that piece of assessment. You can find instructions on the SafeAssign Integrated with Assignments page.

From December 2014 onwards, it’s possible that you may have both legacy SafeAssignments, and new Assignments (with Safeassign integrated) in your paper.  This will work fine, but you may wish to remove your legacy SafeAssignments and replace them with new Assignments just to keep everything consistent.  Please contact the IT Service Desk if you need any assistance.