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Turnitin LTI Assignments Information for Students

Turnitin Introduction

Turnitin is a leading digital assignments and plagiarism-detection system, that’s widely used at Otago. After students upload their work to a ‘Turnitin LTI Assignment’ in Blackboard, lecturers can mark, annotate and leave other kinds of feedback on the submissions. Turnitin also checks for similarities with a vast range of content including publicly available webpages, academic journals and past submissions. This enables students to make sure they’ve cited sources correctly and helps to safeguard the University’s reputation for academic excellence and keep assessment fair.

Turnitin Help for Students

■  Turnitin’s Blackboard LTI 1.3 Student pages are your main source of support content on using Turnitin LTI Assignments

Bookmark this link as Turnitin’s help pages cover all you need to know about submitting and resubmitting assignments, viewing and interpreting information in Turnitin. We’ve also given our own quick walkthrough of the submission process below.

Turnitin Changes in 2023

The way Turnitin interfaces with Blackboard has been updated and Turnitin Assignments look a bit different this year:

As well as visual changes, this update makes the process of submitting an assignment more user-friendly.

Submitting Documents to Turnitin LTI Assignments

Turnitin accepts common word processor file types but if in doubt, check the full list of allowed types here. Most Turnitin Assignments at Otago are set to ‘allow only files that Turnitin can check for similarity’.

  1. Click the assignment’s link in Blackboard. The ‘Assignment Dashboard’ will take a few seconds to fully load. If using Turnitin for the first time you’ll be asked to agree to Turnitin’s End User License Agreement on the way.
  2. Click on the assignment’s name or question mark icon to expand-out details. If there’s a rubric, this is where you’ll be able to access it.
  3. Click the blue ‘Upload Submission‘ button. The Submit File box lets you upload a file stored on your computer, drag and drop or use OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. Text can also be copied and pasted-in using the ‘Text Input’ option:

    Tip! If using laptop/MacBook with a smaller screen, it’s possible you’ll need to zoom out to see all of the white ‘Submit File’ box.

  4. Click ‘Upload and Review‘ then take advantage of the new preview feature to check you’ve selected the right document.
  5. Click ‘Submit to Turnitin‘.
  6. When your document has successfully uploaded, you should see a green tick which will disappear after a few seconds, returning you to your Assignment Dashboard: do not leave the webpage before this happens.
  7. Back in the Assignment Dashboard there’s further confirmation of a successful submission. Downloading a digital receipt is recommended.
  8. You can use the breadcrumbs at the top to go back to the paper’s homepage or assignments area.

This Turnitin support page goes into the LTI Assignment submission process in more detail.