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Course Quota


We have paper quota limits (the total amount of space you have in your Blackboard paper for storing files) to reduce issues involved with rolling papers over.   The vast majority of papers use less than 500MB.


Space Allowances

Maximum course quota (for each paper): 1.5GB

Each course site/paper has been allocated 1.5GB of storage space. The instructor will be warned when they are approaching that limit. This should be more than enough to meet the needs of most papers – quotas will not be increased unless there are exceptional circumstances.  As we have multiple media systems (Otago Capture, Unitube and Podcasting) designed to store and distribute audio and video files, Blackboard quotas will not be increased in order to store media files.

Finding out how much space Course Files are taking up

The “Files” area in Blackboard contains all content that Instructors, TA’s, Graders and Builders have uploaded to Blackboard.

To find out how much space your “Course Files” are taking up:

If you are not already in Blackboard, log in and go to your paper.

  • Click on “Files” in your course menu, and then click on your paper code
  • Beside “Course Content: [your_paper_code], click on the contextual menu then click “360 View”
  • In the “Folder Information” section, look at “Folder Size”.  It will tell you in MB how much space your course files are taking up.

Cleaning out old files

If you do find that you are running out of space, please check that there aren’t any files in your “Course Files” area that aren’t being used (even if you delete something from a content area, the file attachment is not deleted from course files).

For step by step instructions please see Course Files: Deleting and clearning up.

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