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Copying Zipped Websites between two papers


If you copy content between two papers which contains uploaded websites, the websites will not work in the new paper.  This is because the copy process is only taking the first (typically home, index or start) file and not the rest of the files which were originally uploaded in that package.

It is important to know that:

  1. This bug affects zipped websites which are uploaded to Blackboard.  It does not affect urls or links to other websites.
  2. We have opened a support ticket with Blackboard and will update this page as soon as we have more information.

Finding and downloading websites in your paper

The easiest thing to do to get around this issue is to find and download any websites which have been uploaded to Blackboard, then upload them to the other paper.  To do this:

  1. Go into the paper where your website is located
  2. Click on “Files” in your course menu
  3. Type zip in the search box, and click Go
  4. Any zip files you have uploaded will appear in the search results, on the right
  5. Click on the zip files to download them.

Uploading websites to Blackboard

  1. Open up your Blackboard paper and find Files in the Control Panel
  2. In Files you will see a directory of the files and folders in your Blackboard course
  3. Go to Upload > Upload Package
  4. Browse your computer to find your zip package and hit Submit
  5. Your website files should now be successfully uploaded

Creating a link to your website

  1. In your Blackboard paper navigate to where you would like to put the website
  2. Go to Build Content > File
  3. Select Browse Course and find your website’s entry point (something like index.html)
  4. Once you have finished adding the file – check the website works by clicking on the link.

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