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Lesson Plan


A lesson plan is a container for content, it allows you to set out a lesson and provide all the resources required to complete the lesson.

A lesson plan is split into two sections: Content Information and Curriculum Resources. The information section contains a description of the lesson as well as other information (i.e. instructor, instructional level and objectives). The resources section contains all the resources required to complete the lesson – this could contain any content item available in Blackboard (i.e tests, surveys, items, files, YouTube videos)


Creating a Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan screen shotCreating a lesson plan is easy, like with any content type in Blackboard navigate to the Content Area where you want the lesson plan to be and click the Build Content button. You will notice that there are now two tabs available Content Information and Curriculum Resources.

Content Information

Content Information contains the basic name and description of the lesson plan but also allows you to create extra Lesson Plan Sections these can includes sections like:

  • Author
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Materials
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes expected
  • Instructions

These sections can be easily added using the Add Lesson Plan Section button. Once created they can be edited, deleted and reordered (drag and drop). By default the sections are not available to students, but you can choose to share them by ticking the Share with students box for each section.

When you have finished adding all your sections you can decide if your lesson plan is available to students by selecting Yes for the Permit Users to View this Content option.

Select Save and Continue when you have finished setting up your Content Information.

Curriculum Resources

Once you have finished with the Content Information section you will be present with the Curriculum Resources section. This section is just like any normal content area – you add content using the Build Content, Create Assessment, Add Interactive Tool and Assign Textbook buttons.

Once you have finished adding resources click OK