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Turnitin Glossary

Some of the terms staff will meet using Turnitin:

Feedback Studio – An instructor view of an assignment where they are able to grade, annotate and mark up students’ work.

Similarity Report – Text matching analysis of work submitted to Turnitin. Teaching staff have the option to filter sources and rank passages of text in order of percentage match.

Assignment Inbox – Lists all students in a course, indicating whether they have submitted a document. Submissions’ Similarity Scores, marks (if entered) and other information is included.

QuickMarks – A component of the Feedback studio that allows teaching staff to quickly add comments to assignments when grading. Here are some of the things Instructors can (and can’t) do with QuickMarks:

  • You can add your own QuickMarks to the default QuickMark Sets (e.g. ‘Commonly Used’). You can’t modify or delete QuickMarks from default Sets.
  • You can create new QuickMark Sets then populate them with QuickMarks you’ve composed yourself, or ones copied from the default Sets.
  • You can download/export QuickMark Sets you’ve created or customised then share the downloaded file with colleagues to upload/import and use themselves. Note that a Set you’ve shared this way won’t be kept ‘in sync’ between different users if altered.
  • You can export a default QuickMarks Set, then import/upload yourself. This (not very elegant!) procedure allows you to amend copies of all the QuickMarks in the original Set.