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Grade Center


As well as containing marks for Blackboard-based Tests, the Grade Center can also be used to store grades for non-Blackboard assessments, such as laboratory reports and essays. Students can then use the “Check My Grade” feature to check all of their marks for the course.


Introduction to the Grade Center

Grade Center in the Control Panel
The Grade Center stores grades for Blackboard Tests, Surveys, Assignments, and also any other assessment items (lab reports, essays, and so on) that you upload manually.  You also use the Grade Center to download any Assignments that students have submitted to Blackboard.

The Grade Center is accessed by clicking the Grade Center button in the Control Panel section of your course menu.  From there, you may either choose to view the Full Grade Center, or just Tests or Assignments, by clicking the appropriate link. Only you can see this section – students view their grades by using the “Check my grade” tool.

Once you are in the Grade Center, you can re-organise columns, add new columns, grade student work and upload/download all of your grades.  See the Related Pages section for more information.

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