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Problems Submitting SafeAssignments


Students can encounter different problems submitting files to SafeAssign.  This page includes information about the most common problems and how to overcome them.


Problem 1: Clicking on “View/Complete” takes student back to home page

If a student clicks on the View/Complete link and SafeAssign reverts back  to the home page instead of opening, they may need to clear their browser cookies. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools – Internet Options – Delete – Cookies – Delete
  • Firefox: Tools – Options – Privacy – Use custom settings for history (choose from dropdown menu) – clear your recent history
  • Google Chrome: Settings – Show advanced settings – Content settings
  • Safari: Safari – Preferences – Privacy

If this doesn’t help, the Student should contact the IT Service Desk.

We recommend that lecturers include these instructions in their Blackboard paper in the content area containing SafeAssignments if their students are having difficulties submitting.

Problem 2: Student sees an error message advising them that the course needs to be “Synchronized”

If a student attempts to submit a SafeAssignment but sees a message advising that the course needs to be “Synchronized”, then the lecturer should do the following:

  • Go to Control Panel – Course Tools – SafeAssign – SafeAssignments
  • Click on “Synchronize this course”.

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