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Uploading Files

To add an image or media item to a wiki page you will first need to upload it to the system. Follow these steps to upload a file:

  1. Open up your wiki and log in
  2. Find the Upload file section in your Toolbox – it is in the menu on the left hand side of your screen
  3. Fill in the form provided – you will need to have an image to upload. Change the Destination filename to something you will remember
  4. Click Upload file when you’re done
  5. Now the file is successfully uploaded you will need to add it to a page
  6. To add an image to a page you use the following links [[Image:File_name.jpg]] or [[Image:File_name.jpg|alt text]] (make sure the File_name.jpg is the name you picked in step 3).
  7. If you’re adding media you use the following link [[Media:File.ogg]] (where File.ogg is your file name from Step 3).

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