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Shifting to Teaching Online

Shifting to Teaching Online

As per the announcement sent out in the Staff COVID-19 update on the 11th of February, a lot of teaching will be online for the first half of Semester 1, 2022. This means you may be starting to think about conducting your lectures while we are in a “Red” traffic light setting. 

eLearning has put together the following information to help answer any questions you may have around online lecture delivery. 

Otago Capture/Echo360 Sections

Whether taught entirely online, entirely in-person, or a mixture of both, most papers use Otago Capture/Echo360 to share recordings with their students.

Firstly, you will need to request a 2022 Capture section for your paper if you have not already done so, using OCAA (Otago Capture Administration Application) –

Please choose “Request Recordings for Paper” even if you intend to upload your own recordings. If you have some on-campus classes you want recorded with Capture, you can set up scheduling at the same time as requesting the new section, or defer the scheduling until closer to your first class.

Information on requesting & managing Echo360 Capture sections can be found at

Once your Capture section has been approved you can then link the section to your Blackboard (or Moodle) paper for students to access. For instructions on Linking Capture Sections to Blackboard papers see:

 Recording and Streaming 

There are two main methods of recording or streaming lectures remotely: Zoom Meetings and Universal Capture Personal.  A third option may be to book a small lecture room on campus and make use of the normal Otago Capture lecture recording service.

What tool you decide to use is based on your own preference. Things you might consider are whether you want the lecture to be live, the size of your audience, and the amount of student engagement required.

Once recordings are in your Echo360 library you can head to your Capture section and publish them. See for instructions.


Zoom meetings can be recorded and then published to Echo360 sections.  For information on how to upload your Zoom meeting recordings to Echo360 see

Universal Capture Personal

  • Echo360’s Universal Capture Personal software allows you to record or stream lectures from your own computer.  The recordings created are deposited in your Echo360 Library (no manual upload required!) and you can easily set them to automatically publish or livestream into a section if wanted.
  • Installing and setting-up Universal Capture Personal: some staff will already have Universal installed, so need only open the app and log in.  If not, installation is a simple process. See Installing Universal Capture Personal for instructions. Please contact AskOtago if you’d like a hand.
  • Universal Capture Personal can be used to Live Stream directly to your Capture section. Please note that once the live stream is over, students will need to wait for the live stream to be uploaded before they can re-view the content again. This roughly takes as long as the recording duration was to upload.  See for instructions on Live Streaming.
  • If you are wanting student engagement, Echo360 offers a Q&A tab feature that you can use for your lecture. Polls can also be used to ask pre-prepared questions Polling: Q&A:
  • Unlimited audience capacity

Recording in a Dunedin Campus Teaching Room

If your lectures are not being held on-campus in the first half of Semester One, but you prefer the experience of lecturing in a campus teaching room over self-recording in your office or home, this option may appeal.

The Timetables Office may be able to timeslot in smaller venues for your private use: please contact them directly ( to request, and please ensure you copy in Once timetabled, your private bookings will show up in OCAA where you can turn on recordings/choose settings as usual.  Or feel free to contact and we’ll be pleased to assist with this part. 

Additional Resources 

  • David Hood will be running training session on Lecturing Remotely. This will held via Zoom on the 22nd of February at 11am, and the 23rd of February at 3pm. You can sign up to attend this at 
  • eConferencing have put together the follow Working from Home guide which contains Zoom specific information 
  • A Blackboard paper called DISTANCE_LEARNING Shifting Online was set up in 2021 to support the shift to online learning. This paper contains additional resources around online content delivery. All staff members are enrolled in this paper and can access this via the “My Papers” section once they’ve logged in to Blackboard.
  • This guide contains information on using Otago Capture Administration Application (OCAA) to administrate Otago Capture Sections. Requesting new sections, scheduling recordings and ownership is covered.

If you have any questions or concerns please forward these to AskOtago in the first instance.