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Adding users

If you want to add a class list of users (for example, all students enrolled in PAPR101) you must request this via AskOtago. Class lists that have access to your site will appear on the “Manage Groups” page.

To add other students and staff (for example, staff who are teaching the paper, or students who are tutors or lab demonstrators):

  1. If you are not already in the Administration area, click the “Site Admin” link in the menu on your podcasting site.
  2. Click on “Add User”.
  3. Enter the username of the person to add into the “username” box.
  4. Choose the role you want that person to have from the drop-down list.
  5. Click “Add User”.
  6. If you see a message saying: “User abcde12p not found in LDAP Directory!” then contact the ITS ServiceDesk and ask for their account to be enabled for Podcasting/Blogging, then try adding them again.