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Managing Users

Understanding Roles

There are a number of “roles” that people that have access to your podcasting site will have. Here is a description of each:

  • Administration: the owner of the site.
  • Editor: Usually other members of staff.
  • Author: Usually other members of staff or students
  • Contributor: Usually other members of staff or students who just need to edit or delete existing entries
  • Reader: Typically someone who needs “student” access
  • Subscriber: A student who is enrolled in this paper

Levels of Access

Capability Administrator Editor Author Contributor Reader/Subscriber
Manage Users Yes
Manage Optional Plugins Yes
Export/Import Yes
Manage Themes Yes
Moderate Comments Yes Yes
Manage Categories Yes Yes
Manage Links Yes Yes
Edit all pages Yes Yes
Edit all posts Yes Yes
Create pages Yes Yes
Delete pages Yes Yes
Edit own pages Yes Yes
Upload files Yes Yes Yes
Publish posts Yes Yes Yes
Edit own posts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Read/View Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes