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You and your students can subscribe to your podcasts in a variety of ways. The key thing to look out for is the RSS Feed Links (normally on the right hand side of your site).

Using a Web Browser to subscribe to Podcasts

  • In Firefox, click the RSS 2.0 button, then click “Subscribe Now”. A link will be added to your links bar
  • In Internet Explorer, click the  RSS 2.0 button
    • If you don’t have Outlook installed, Internet Explorer will display the feed – click on the “Subscribe to this feed” button, then click “Subscribe”. A bookmark will appear in your Favorites Centre.
    • If you do have Outlook installed, an  “Add this RSS Feed to Outlook?” message will appear. Click Yes, and a bookmark will be added to the Feeds area in Outlook
  • In Safari, click the RSS 2.0 button, then type Apple-D to add a bookmark.

Using iTunes to subscribe to Podcasts

  1. Open you podcast site in a web browser, then click on the RSS Podcast button
  2. iTunes will open, and the feed will be added to the “Podcasts” section
  3. To set advanced options (such as how often iTunes checks for new episodes)
    1. Windows: go to the iTunes “Settings” menu, then choose Preferences > Podcasts
    2. Mac: go to the iTunes “iTunes” menu, then choose Preferences > Podcasts


  • iTunes is not available on the Student Desktop. If you have your own computer, you can download the software from
  • iTunes will ONLY display podcast entries that have MP3, MP4 or PDF file attachments. If other file formats have been used, you will not be able to download these with iTunes.

Using other software to subscribe to Podcasts

There is a wide range of other software available for subscribing to and downloading podcast content (for example, “Juice”, available for Windows, Mac and Linux). In general, these require you to obtain a feed url from a podcasting site, and then copy and paste that into the software to subscribe to the feed.

  1. Open your podcast site in a web browser
  2. Right-click on one of the feed buttons – which one you choose depends on which one your feed reader supports: Atom, RSS2 or RSS1
  3. Choose “Copy link location”, “Copy Shortcut” (the wording will vary, depending on your browser)
  4. Paste the url into the appropriate location in your feed reader software