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Preparing a Podcast file

Podcast files can come from many places, you can make them yourself with recording software, use the University’s lecture recording system, or download meeting recordings from systems such as Scopia and Otago Connect (Adobe Connect).

Files from Lecture Recording

You can make recordings from a variety of ITS managed lecture theatres around the Dunedin campus. Check the ITS website for a list of the theatres.

This system prepares the files for podcast for you, but you could still edit the file yourself if you wanted. IT Training offers a course in Podcast Preparation using Audacity.

Files from Scopia

Files downloaded from Scopia require two steps preparation

  1. Use Quicktime to Save File As – make sure you pick the HD720p option here. This step is necessary as Scopia uses a codec that is not understood by many other systems.
  2. Using Handbrake (or any other software you’re comfortable with) recompress your file with the following settings (these are only a recommendation, you can experiment to find something that works best for you. This step is required because the file size created in Step 1. is very large.
    1. Source – browse to the large file created by Quicktime
    2. Output settings – Format: MP4
    3. Web Optimized (tick in the box)
    4. Video Settings: Video Codec H.264 (x264), Framerate 10, Peak Framerate,
    5. Video Quality: Constant Quality – move the slider to about RF:28.5
  3. Check the quality of the file once it has been through Handbrake