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How to Podcast

Adding a Podcast Entry

Add New Podcast screenshot.A podcast entry (or “Podcast Post” has a title, an audio (MP3) or video (MP4) file, and a Description (optional)).

Before you start check the size of your podcast file, it must be under 500mb. We recommend under 200mb for an hour of video. Make sure you file is in an acceptable format. We recommend you use mp3 for audio, and mp4 for video (but mov will also work).

  1. If you are not already in the Administration area, click the “Site Admin” link in the menu of your podcasting site.
  2. Click the “Posts” link in the menu to reveal the sub-menu
  3. Click on “Add New Podcast”. Important: you must click “Add New Podcast”, not “Add Post”.
  4. Enter a Title in the “Podcast Title” box.
  5. Click “Choose File”, locate the audio or video file on your computer and select it
  6. Enter any descriptive comments, such as a brief outline of the lecture in the “Description” box.
  7. Click “Publish”. Your podcasting entry has now been added. You will see a confirmation message when this is finished (it may take some time).
    • If you never get a success message check your file is under 500mb and that you have enough space left on your site.

Notes for added entries:

  • As soon as you have added a new entry, the current date/time will be attached to it – if you wish to change this, please see Editing Entries
  • Your username will appear under each entry you add, unless you change your settings to display your name instead.