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Setting Up Your Site

Set your Podcast Title, Description, and Access list

Now that you’re familiar with your Podcasting Administration area, you can set up the basic settings for your site.

  1. Change the Title (Name), Subtitle (Description)
    Click “Settings”, then “General”, make your changes, and click “Save Changes”.
  2. Check that your site is Public or Private (whichever applies!)
    Click “Settings”, then “Reading” and check that the appropriate option is selected, and then click “Save Changes”. If your podcast site is only to be accessed by yourself, you teaching team and your students, this should be set to “I would like my blog to be visible only to registered users I add to …”.
  3. Check that your class list is correct
    Click “Users”, then “Manage Groups” and make sure your class list is here, and correct. If it is not, please contact the AskOtago
  4. Check that other staff, tutors and demonstrators have access
    Click “Users”, then make sure that the staff that need access are listed in this area. If they are not, see the Adding Users instructions.
  5. Change the look and feel of your site
    Click “Appearance” – choose a new theme by clicking on the thumbnail in the “Available Themes” area, and then click the  “Activate” link in the top right of the preview. You can change the header image in the “Header” section
  6. Turn Comments on if you’d like to use them
    Click “Settings”, then “Discussion”, make your changes, and click “Save Changes”.

That’s it – you’re ready to start adding content!