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Otago Connect Email Template for New Participants

Below is an email template that can be used for sending to new Otago Connect participants to provide them with the basic setup information required to join an Otago Connect meeting.

If you wish to hold a copy of this template, you can download Word and/or .pdf versions by clicking on the below links:

Word Template

.pdf Template

Alternatively, please feel free to simply copy and paste the below into your introductory email to students/participants:


What is Otago Connect

Otago Connect is an Adobe web conferencing system provided by the University of Otago that can be used to conduct online meetings, lectures, tutorials, presentations, and multi-group discussions. Otago Connect meetings are held in online meeting rooms created for your class or group.

See below link for further details:

What you need

A suitable computer in a quiet room with:

–       At least one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.

–       Adobe Flash Player 11.2 or above

A headset with microphone:

–        All participants should use headsets with microphones.
Using the computer’s in-built microphones and speakers may lead to sound problems for all users.

–       Apple computer users need to use a USB headset.

–       Headsets that have been tested and found to be acceptable are (These range from $25 to $70 – cheapest listed first.)

  • 3.5mm jack Headset Logitech H110, H150
  • USB Headset Logitech H330, H390, H555.

–        If you cannot locate a headset with microphone readily, at a minimum headphones or ear buds are required to listen to the web conference.

A web camera (though you can still participate without one):

–       Laptop and PC inbuilt web cameras are usually quite adequate.

–       Microsoft web cameras may not be fully compatible with Apple computers.

–       Most Logitech cameras work OK on PC and Macs.

–       You do not need a high resolution web camera. One around $30 should be fine. E.g. Logitech Webcam C170, 1.3 Megapixels, USB 2,

An internet connection.

–       The better the connection the better the experience will be.

–       Further information is here:

–       A good broadband internet connection will use approx. 112 – 176MB per hour (10 hours per month is less than 2GB).


It is very important that you check out your computer setup at least a couple of days before your first Otago Connect session so there is time to address any connection problems. Instructions on how to setup your computer to participate in Otago Connect sessions can be found at:


Test your setup here:

Test your headset and mike here:

  1. Login using your University username and password (or as Guest)
  2. Click on ‘Meeting’ at top left of the screen. Click and follow ‘Audio Setup Wizard’

 More Information

Useful information on using Otago Connect is available here:

Troubleshooting guide is available here:

For more answers please see the Otago Connect FAQ Section:

A general introduction is here: