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Personal Capture for Windows


To install Personal Capture (PCAP) double click on the “Echo360PersonalCaptureInstaller_AU_[version number]” file you have downloaded from the Downloads Section of Otago Capture. This will bring up the Setup Wizard.

When License Agreement is reached select “I accept the agreement”.

The Setup Wizard will automatically create a folder for PCAP in your programs folder and install there. If you’d like to change this selection you can by clicking on the folder icon.

After this continue along with the installation by clicking “Next”.


Using PCAP

All of PCAP is done through one screen. When you load the software you will see 3 main areas.

The main windown of PCAP

  1. The Connection Settings Area
  2. The Recording Area
  3. The Previously Recorded Area


The Connection Settings Area

Top area of PCAP with Connection Settings

  1. Login to Otago Capture
  2. The location on you computer PCAP saves recordings to. This is usually automatically set after downloading the program.
  3. Help


The Recording Area

Record area of PCAP

  1. This area is where you can change the inputs of what is being recorded, inputs like the microphone, the screen (you may have more than one) and the web camera.
  2. This is a preview of what is recorded, you can see the screen, the web camera and the audio levels on the top.

This area also has the option to give the recording a title and you can choose the quality of the recording, just remember the higher the quality of the recording the larger the file size.


Previously Recorded Area

A list of all the previously recorded PCAPS.
If you hover the mouse over each recording you will be given three options:

Options for each recording

  1. Publish the recording to Otago Capture.
  2. Edit the recording.
  3. Delete the recording.

For more details on editing or publishing, please see Echo360’s documentation.


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