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Personal Capture for Mac

Installing PCAP

Once you have downloaded Personal Capture via the Downloads section of Otago Capture, install it as you would any other program. Go to your downloads folder and double click on the .zip to open the compressed file, inside you will find the installer, “Echo360PersonalCaptureInstaller_AU_[version number]”, double click on that and the setup wizard will open.

When License Agreement is reached select “I accept the agreement”.

After this continue along with the installation by clicking “Next”.


Using PCAP

Once you open the application you should see this screen:

PCAP Start Screen

From here you can look at previous recordings:

Select a recording:

  1. Delete the recording
  2. Watch and edit the recording
  3. Publish the recording

or jump straight into recording a new video.

PCAP record screen

On the record screen there are four things you should be aware of:

  1. The title of the recording. You can change this at anytime
  2. Where the sound is recorded.
  3. Recording the screen. This shows what is on the screen you are recording.
  4. Web Camera, for filming you as you speak.

These options can be changed at any time by selecting the “Configure” button.

If your microphone is enabled and picking up audio, you should see the microphone levels on the left-side of the recording screen as you speak.

When you are ready, press “Record”. This will give you a window which has a countdown to when the recording will start (usually 5 seconds after you press record) and information about how to stop the recording.

How do you know if you are recording?

  • On the Mac you will see the recording time and the icon on the top right of the screen.


Stop/Pause Recording

  • Use “command+8” to stop recording, or “command+6” to pause and unpause the recording.



You can edit any recording you make, after you stop recording you will be given the option to edit your recording.

The Echo360 support page has more detailed information on how to use the Personal Capture editor.


Publishing the recording

When you click on Publish Recording, you will be asked to give your username and password.
Once you have logged in you you will see:

  1. A screen where you will select the Paper Section you want your recording to be published to. Choose ‘Next’ when you have selected the correct paper.
  2. You will be asked to choose a Product Group. This is the format type you want to publish the recording as, which can be different from what you recorded. Select your product group and then ‘Next’.
  3. This is where you can set the date of the video. If this is a replacement recording you can overwrite the previous recording.
  4. You are given the opportunity to rename the recording.

For more details on these steps, please see Echo360’s documentation on Publishing with Personal Capture.

After these steps the recording will start to be uploaded to Otago Capture and your section. Once it has been uploaded, it will need to be processed. This may take up to 24 hours, but is typically the same length as the recording. Once the recording has processed you will receive an email notification and should see it in the Classes area of your section.


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