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Official Papers in Otago Capture Administration


You can use Otago Capture Administration Application to request Sections for Official teaching papers. Official teaching papers are papers that have a presence in the SMS (eVision).

If you would also like to record sessions for this class your paper must be in rooms that are Otago Capture Capable (listed on the right) and have activities scheduled through the central timetable system (Syllabus Plus).


Requesting an Official Paper Section.

  1.  Log in to Otago Capture Administration –
  2. Check to see that you have not already been associated with the Otago Capture Section you’re trying to create. If you have been given a role in the Section it will be listed on the home page of the application.
  3. Click Request Recordings button 
  4. Click Request Recordings for Paper 
  5. Search for the Paper Code, Campus and Semester your paper is taught in. 
  6. If the paper has not been set up choose Select This Paper to complete the set up process. If this teaching instance has already been requested you will see View Existing Request. This page will allow you to see who is the Capture Owner for the section. You will need to request access to the section through them.
  7. Once you have Saved your paper you will be guided to provide Schedule information as well as staff access.


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